Autism And Healthy Eating Habits

For many children with autism with autism spectrum
disorder eating a varied diet may not be easy!

The characteristics of autism (social skills deficits) CAN
mean your autistic child WILL struggle to understand the
need for good eating habits and can even become
obsessed with certain foods!

Typically the characteristics of autism (social skills deficits) CAN make even simple tasks difficult to master, for example "trying new foods"

However there are various supports for autism which can be used to help overcome difficulties

Visual Supports For Autism


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    Autism Social Skills Stories
    Flash Cards
    Visual Schedules

Typically children with autism spectrum disorder ARE VISUAL thinkers and learners, which means they think in pictures and WILL better understand information that is presented visually, rather than written or spoken.

Visual Social Story Cards and Folders

Autism and healthy eating habits These Visual social story cards ARE small
laminated cards approx. 9cm x 12cm in size

These social story cards ARE colourful and use
appropriate images or pictures

These visual social story cards WILL benefit
your child describing what is happening and why

Visual Social Story Cards ARE like a visual
framework of a skill or situation

They give the child with ASD a chance to
rehearse a skill or behavior they struggle with.

children with autism spectrum disorder,autism spectrum disorder,Visual social support cards,social stories for healthy eating habits in autismVisual social story cards ARE portable and
easy to use.

Choose 10 visual social story cards from a vast library of social stories

And pay just one small administration fee of $29.95 plus $4.65 p&p

All laminated and ready to use

Autism Social Skills Stories

Social skills stories ARE Intervention strategies
implemented to overcome social skills deficits

Autism social skills stories WILL help children with
autism spectrum disorder learn social awareness skills.

Social Stories WILL HELP with communication difficulties.

Social skills stories answer the "wh questions - who, what, why, when and where" as well as "HOW"

Social stories provide an insight into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others

Social stories WILL act like a framework or visual plan of the skill or situation the
ASD child is struggling with

The social skills story uses images and short pieces of text to describe a situation
or skill from the child's point of view.

Social skills stories ARE visual Intervention Strategies, which need no
formal training to use

This is a collection of 4 social stories for healthy eating habits in autism Ebook

    I can try new foods
    I can take my vitamins
    What are my five a day
    How I eat a healthy balance diet

All I ask is a small administration fee of just $4.95 for this collection of 4 social stories for healthy eating habits in autism Ebook.

Straight after purchase YOU WILL BE re-directed to a unique download page

To Re-Cap

    Visual social story cards ARE small laminated cards approx 9x12cm on their own or in a presentation folder.

    Visual soial story cards and social stories WILL BENEFIT your child by HELPING them to understand skills that they may be struggling to master.

    Autism social skills stories / visual social story cards and folders ARE Visual Intervention Strategies that CAN be implemented easily.

    Are portable and convenient, CAN be edited, personalized and printed for convenience.

    Autism social stories / cards CAN be used for ALL situations and CAN BE very useful for children on the autism spectrum that struggle with eating issues