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Teaching children with autism personal space

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Social skills stories are used for teaching children with autism personal space. A social skills story will explain and teach visually about personal space what it is and why it is important to respect other people’s personal space.


For example the social skills story will look something like this. Sometimes I stand too close to other people. When I do this it can make other people feel uncomfortable.


Key focus is given to the main points. The autistic child will be able to use the social skills story to learn this basic skill effectively.


Normally developing children learn social skills through experience, the environment and their family and peers. An autistic child will need to be taught social skills directly.


Autistic children do not process information in the same way as normally developing children they lack the ability to read facial expression and body language, which can lead to social isolation and mistakes, such as not understanding the need to respect personal space.

This is why teaching children with autism personal space is vital.

By using social skills stories autistic children can find coping methods and resources to help them understand social situations they struggle with.


To implement appropriate social skills stories for teaching children with autism personal space and other issues visit any of the sites below:




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