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Social stories that help with autistic behavior issues

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Social stories are a common strategy used when dealing with autistic behaviour issues, the social story can help the individual with ASD to ‘read’ and understand  a social situation, activity or skill.


Social stories were first developed by Carol Gray around twenty years ago to help her communicate with the autistic children she was working with.


Social stories seek to include answers to the “wh” questions (who, what, when, where, and why) that the individual with ASD may need to know to allow them to master the situation, activity or skill they are struggling with, or may struggle with if the story is being used to help with a change to routine for example.


Social stories are used effectively for many situations, activities and skills not just how to interact and communicate in social settings. They can be used to learn new skills, to rehearse changes to routines, activities, and how to respond appropriately to feelings like anger and frustration.


Social stories that help with autistic behavior issues can be downloaded from sites such as: where you can find 65 autistic behaviour social stories ready for immediate download as well as information on what are social stories?

Social stories are short descriptive, visual frameworks that are written to help children with autism to understand a skill or behaviour that they would otherwise struggle with or find stressful or confusing.


Much like a comic strip conversation the social story is written in first person text and follows a specific formula, which enables the autistic individual to prepare for and rehearse. Generally all individuals with autism are visual thinkers and learners, making visual information easier to understand. Social stories embrace this concept as they are normally visually rich, with appropriate text.


Many parents, teachers and other professionals that work with autistic children use social stories that help with autistic behavior issues such as stimming, hygiene issues, sharing, teasing even recess.


To get started with social stories that help with autistic behaviours visit:

For all other social stories visit:



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