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Social skill building with aspergers teenager

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

The teenage years are a time of increased social pressure for all teenagers including those with aspergers syndrome. The aspergers teenager will find the teenage years confusing and probably quite stressful.


For typically developing teens increased hormones and desires make the teenage years a time when social and personal relationships are key focus.


Finding a way to fit in may be harder than ever for a teen with asperger’s syndrome.


For the teen with asperger’s syndrome a distinct lack of social skills in reading non verbal communication such as facial expressions and body language can cause social blunders and mistakes.


Generally most aspergers teenagers do want to be social and have friends, but their lack of social and communication skills makes this difficult. For many aspergers teenagers they will already have friends and will struggle to understand changes in routines or behaviors of those friends.


This lack of social knowledge can of cause lead to social isolation for the teen with asperger.


For aspergers syndrome teens they may not truly understand the changes taking place within their own body and fail to understand the need for better hygiene or to wear more fashionable clothes, the slang often used by teens and so on. All parts of growing from a child to teen that any typical teen will naturally learn and follow. These difficulties make friendships hard to maintain and make for the teen with asperger.

However there are methods that can be implemented to help with social skill building with aspergers teenager, this is achieved through the use of social stories for asperger teenagers.


Many parents of asperger syndrome teens will probably already be using social stories as a means of teaching social skills and will already be aware of the benefits of implementing these vital asperger social skills training aids and supports.


But for those parents of asperger syndrome teens not using social stories yet the benefits are excellent and reports show great successes from using asperger social skills training supports in all areas of social and communication skills teaching.

Written by parents of asperger syndrome teens and professionals social stories for asperger teenagers are short visually rich age appropriate pieces of text detailing the social or communication skill being taught or re-enforced giving key focus to the main points being addressed.


So for example social stories can help explain and give solutions to hygiene issues, menstruation, swearing the use of language and so on all issues the teen with asperger will face and need to deal with effectively to be accepted by their typically developing peers.


To find out more about social skill building with aspergers teenager vist and download social stories for asperger teenagers that can help overcome issues faced during the teenage years go to: