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Social stories autism

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Social stories are used to help children and adults with ASD (Autistic spectrum disorders) understand and cope with social and communication skills and behaviours they would otherwise struggle to master.

Social stories autism work by breaking down a task or social situation into small easy to understand steps, the social cues.  Normally social skills stories will include visual images or photographs that are relevant to the story. Most autistic individuals are visual thinkers and learners, which means they find visual information easier to digest and understand.

Therefore many parents, care givers, teachers and other professionals find social stories for autism an ideal tool when communicating and caring for autistic individuals.

By implementing a social story you can help children and adults with ASD master skills and behaviours they struggle with such as: visiting a dentist, recess, asking questions, respecting boundaries and so on. Daily life skills as well as more complex situations can be broken down into relative social cues, with appropriate images, then by following a specific formula of 4 main sentence types the social story can be implemented that will help target the situation, skill or behaviour.

Social stories are a framework of visual representations and appropriate first person language of a skill. That will not only help those with autistic spectrum disorders, but also other children and adults with related conditions.

To find out more about social skills stories and how they can be downloaded and implemented to help children with ASD and related conditions visit where you will find information on social skills stories and downloads of 100 social skills stories that are all written by an expert in childhood autism.

For many children with ASD social and communication skills are difficult to master, but using social skills stories for autism can help put an end to much of the stress and anxieties they feel.

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