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Grandparenting an autistic child

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

It is believed that every 1 in 166 grandparents will become the grandparent to an autistic child.


The diagnosis of autism can be stressful enough for any family and can sometimes lead to conflict between parents and grandparents.


Grandparenting an autistic child is stressful and confusing; both mentally, physically and on occasions financially.

There are many things grandparents can do to help their autistic grandchild overcome their challenges and get the most of life. From learning all you can about autism spectrum disorder and what the diagnosis of autism will mean to the entire family to helping support your autistic grandchild lean social skills.


Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong condition and is not curable; autism spectrum disorder affects more males then females.

Often the diagnosis of autism can have a huge impact on the entire family and cause marital issues between the autistic child’s parents. This is where a grandparent can be of support and help, easing tensions and generally helping out around the home and with the families other children can help.


There will be tough times ahead and being prepared by reading books, magazines, reports and articles on autism can provide answers questions that you may be struggling to comprehend.


A good source of autism resources can be found at:


Where you can find autism tools and other autism resources that will help you understand and cope with grandparenting an autistic child.

Good luck!



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