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Autistic visual supports

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Visual supports are used to help people with autism spectrum disorder. Visual supports should be easy to implement, adaptable and portable, making them convenient and easy to use.

Research suggests that the vast majority of people with autism spectrum disorder are visual thinkers and learners, meaning they can process information easier when it is visual rather than written text or auditory.

Consequently, presenting visual information can help children with autism learn vital everyday living skills and behaviours, including communication skills.


Autistic visual supports are useful when teaching children with autism social, communication and imagination skills, as well as helping with transitions, changes to routines and sensory processing issues.


Research suggests autistic visual supports such as social skills stories are beneficial and can be adapted to suit all abilities and ages. Social skills stories follow specific patterns. Originally designed twenty years ago as a communication aid, this autistic support has since grown into a major tool in autism today.


Social skills stories answer the important “wh” questions – who, where, why, when and what as well as give an insight into the thoughts and feelings of others which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Used as a tool in autism for teaching and supporting social and communication skills, social stories are used like a framework or role model explaining and visually showing the skills, situation or behaviour that the autistic individual is struggling to cope with or master.

Editable, printable, needing no formal training to use they can be personalized and adapted to suit any autistic individual. To learn more about social stories and how they are used and implemented to help children with autism learn suitable behaviours and skills visit


Where you will find important information on social stories their uses and how they benefit children with autism spectrum disorder. There is also support and downloads of appropriate social stories which can be printed for convenience and ease of use. Other sites offering autistic visual supports such as social skills stories can be found at: