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Autistic behaviour issues using social stories

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Children with an autistic spectrum disorder can have behavioural difficulties regardless of their age and ability.


The autism spectrum is an umbrella for a range of autistic disorders from low functioning autism to High functioning autism and Asperger disorder.


Although combined by autistic characteristics the abilities of each individual will vary depending on where a child falls on the autism spectrum.


Many of the symptoms associated with autistic spectrum disorder can lead to behavioural difficulties.


Typically children with an autistic spectrum disorder will have difficulties socialising and communicating with others. For example typical autistic characteristics can include: displaying symptoms of withdrawal, the use of odd or inappropriate language, have unusual preoccupations, use repetitive stereotypical movements, have unusual routines, habits and behaviours.


Research suggests parents, teachers and other professionals use social skills stories to improve the social functioning and behaviour of children with autism.


Social stories are visual strategies that describe skills and situations in terms of social cues and appropriate responses.


Social skills stories can be individualized to suit the needs and abilities of the individual on the spectrum. The social skills story can be used to help children with autism learn appropriate social and communication skills.


The goal of the social skills story for children with autism should be to help pave the way for a positive social interaction or behaviour.


To learn more about how to help autistic behaviour issues using social stories visit:


These social stories are visual strategies written in first person language from the point of view of the autistic individual and will help solve to solve autistic behaviour issues using social stories as the answer.

Other appropriate social stories can be found at