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Christmas time with a child on the Autism Spectrum

Monday, December 11th, 2017

For many children on the autism spectrum Christmas may be a time for stress and anxiety, with the on-going chaos and sensory overload the Festive Season provides.
However there are strategies that parents of autistic children can put in place to help their child cope.
Christmas time with a child on the Autism Spectrum,child on the Autism SpectrumTypically children with autism spectrum disorder ARE visual thinkers and learners; this means that they use speech/language secondary and visual information as a primary means of communication.
So how does this help us at Christmas!
Generally for children on the autism spectrum Christmas is unpredictable, and it is this unpredictability that CAN cause the most distress.
Using VISUAL autistic supports can help.
Characteristically children with autism spectrum disorder respond well to visual autistic supports like social skills stories.
Using autism supports for Christmas
Visual Timetables: Can be used to show a count-down to Christmas, and help the child with ASD visually see what is happening each day on the run up to Christmas, for example buying the tree, putting up the tree, decorating the house, a school play, party and so on.
Photos: Show your child with ASD photographs of last year and how you celebrated to remind them of how the Festive Season is going to be.
Visual Social Story Cards: Can be introduced to help the child with ASD deal with changes to routines, learning new skills and coping with unpredictability. Visual social story cards ARE small laminated story cards which act like a framework of a skill or situation for example the school play. The story card can help the child to understand what is happening and what is expected of them.
Autism social skills stories: Probably the most significant of the autism supports for Christmas. Autism social skills stories answer the “wh” questions – who, what, where, when and why as well as “ how” and offer an insight into the thoughts and feelings of others. The social skills story is a short descriptive story from the autistic child’s point of view which uses visual images to show how and why something is happening and how the autistic child can deal with this, as well as what other people will be expecting of them.
Visual flash cards – PECS: These can be used to help communication difficulties during the festive season.
Therefore Christmas time with a child on the Autism Spectrum need not be too stressful once the right visual autistic supports are put in place, visit:

Wonderful Craft Ideas to share with your child on the Autism Spectrum

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

child with autism,wonderful craft ideas to share with your child on the Autism Spectrum,child on the Autism Spectrum,Kids with autismPlay is a necessary part of growing up for most children, but unlike a typically developing child the child with autism will almost certainly have issues with pretend play.

However, craft can be more structured, there are rules to follow and it is not necessarily all left to the imagination and for a child on the Autism Spectrum this can be helpful.

Therefore, wonderful craft ideas to share with your child on the Autism Spectrum can help you to interact with your child and have fun together. No two children are the same and what holds the attention of one child might not hold the attention of another, so with this amazing fun filled craft book there is something for everyone.

Kids with autism are typically quite sensitive to sensory stimulation. So activities such as running, spinning and twirling can be quite good fun for them. Try creating activities based around movement for example bouncing on a trampoline (inside and out). Or try swinging on a swing, in a hammock or try using a blanket to swing your child.

Many kids with autism like to build things for example using Lego. You may also find putting a puzzle together is quite good fun with your child.

Other Wonderful Craft Ideas to share with your Child on the Autism Spectrum can be viewed at: Craft Ideas to share

Typically children on the autism spectrum are visual thinkers and learners and will find visual activities, information and projects more interesting. This applies to learning social awareness and communication skills as well.

A child with autism WILL gain better understanding of what to do in a situation if they are shown visually. Therefore visual teaching methods and tools, have been proven to be successful. For example a child with autism that is sensitive to sensory stimulation may find social stories useful when it comes to situations like hair washing, brushing their teeth, getting a haircut, visiting the dentist and so on…

Such social stories for teaching hygiene habits can be found at

There is also for immediate download 33 wonderful craft Ideas for you to share with your Child on the Autism Spectrum including:
• There Candy Crafts
• Dried Flowers
• Making Gifts
• How to make a scarecrow
• How to make homemade ice cream
• How to make homemade stickers
• Making handmade paper
• Making homemade potpurri
• Making jewellery
• Sea shell crafts
• Trash Art
Ready for immediate download as well as other tools for autism such as social stories, visual social story cards, picture communication cards, now and next boards, visual schedules, behaviour charts and more…

Visit for social stories:

Autism goals for interaction

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological disorder affecting the autistic individual’s brain; this can affect how the person with autism spectrum thinks, re-acts, acts and behaves.


Autism impairs the autistic individual’s social interactions and communication skills and can cause restricted and repetitive stereotypical behaviors.


Typically kids with autism spectrum disorder have difficulties with verbal and non-verbal communication this can impact on their abilities to socially interact.


Autism is characterized by several developmental challenges. The autism symptoms can include:  Language may develop slowly or not at all. The autistic child may use words without attaching meaning to them. They may use echolalia, and have poor attention spans.


The child with autism will probably prefer to spend time alone rather than with others, shows little interest in making friends, and be less responsive to social cues such as eye contact or smiles.


These autism symptoms impact on the autistic individual’s ability to interact effectively and can cause isolation and social blunders. Consequently, when deciding on Autism goals for interactions these autism symptoms should first be looked at.


Typically developing children learn social skills such as social interactions naturally through play, from their peers, parents and those around them. This ability is missing in kids with autism spectrum disorder and social skills should be taught directly.


Generally kids with autism spectrum disorder rare visual learners and will better understand any social skills teaching when taught and re-enforced visually; this is achievable using visual supports for autism spectrum disorder such as social stories.


Using visual supports for autism spectrum disorder can make the implementation of autism goals for interactions much easier. By careful observations parents of autistic children can determine which social interaction skills their child is finding difficult and an appropriate social skills story can be put in place to help them overcome this.


Many parents of autistic children use social skills stories to help teach social, communication, imagination and interaction skills with great success rates.


The social skills story is visually rich with short appropriate pieces of text set out in a specific format. Developed almost twenty years ago social skills stories are probably the most significant autism tool used to help kids with autism spectrum disorder overcome social interaction difficulties.


To find appropriate Autism goals for interactions social skills stories as well as social skills stories for other social skills teaching such as making friends, answering questions, appropriate touching and many more visit any of the following sites and gain immediate downloads: