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Teaching children with autism communication skills

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

It is common for children with autism to face problems with both verbal and non-verbal communication. Generally all autistic individuals have some kind of speech and communication difficulty. It is these issues that can make interaction with the autistic child difficult.


Research into treatments for communication issues shows children with autism benefit from direct teaching of social and communication skills.


Many parents with autistic children use direct teaching methods of communication skills such as social stories.


Social stories are useful when teaching children with autism communication skills. These short descriptive stories use visual images and first person text to describe a specific social situation or skill, by answering the “wh” questions (who, where, what, when and why) giving autistic individuals a clear visual framework of the communication skill that they are struggling with.

Showing them what to expect and what others may expect from them, which can help make them more comfortable with and in the situation, helping to alleviate many stresses and anxieties.


Researchers agree that teaching autistic individuals effective communication skills is essential if they are to reach his or her full potential.


The social story can be used for many social and communication difficulties, for example teaching personal space, listening, asking questions, calming down, making friends, having a conversation and so on.


Social stories are also used for other social and communication skills such as tooth brushing, recess, looking after a pet, in-fact most social, communication, imagination and interaction difficulties can be tackled using social stories.

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