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The Terrible Teens – Dealing with Autistic Teenagers

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

For most parents, one of the most trying times in their lives is during their child’s teenage years. “The teenage years” and dealing with autistic teenagers is not easy!

When puberty hits, young adults go through serious changes in their bodies and minds, and parents have little or no control over many situations. In an autistic child, puberty is no different. Although your autistic child is not experiencing puberty in quite the same ways as others his or her age, major hormonal changes still occur in the body. This can lead to extreme results, and this can be either good or bad depending on how your child reacts to the new hormone levels.

One of the scariest side effects of changes for autistic teenagers is the onset of seizures.

Many autistic individuals experience seizures from birth right through to adulthood. However, even if your ASD child does not suffer from these episodes, he or she may begin to experience seizures during puberty and afterwards, due to the new levels of hormones in their body.

Almost a quarter of autistic children experience seizures, but many go undetected because they are not textbook versions of seizures.

If you recognize that your ASD child is experiencing a seizure, you should contact your G.P., he/she will be able to prescribe medications or treatments which will help your autistic teen.

However, if the seizures are subconsciously happening, you and your child may not realize it. The result of these small hidden seizures can be a loss in function, which can be disruptive, especially if you child was improving before puberty. Regular check-ups during puberty, therefore, are extremely important.

The changes many autistic children go through are not necessarily be a bad thing. New hormone levels in the body and the other changes associated with puberty can help your autistic child grow and succeed in areas he or she normally had no skill or interest.

Many parents report that their teen’s behavior improved, and that learning in social settings has become easier.

The important thing about puberty is to learn to monitor the changes in your ASD child very carefully and to ask your doctor lots of questions.

Remember that puberty is a difficult experience for any young adult, and so it will be even more difficult for autistic individuals.

Try using supports for autism and puberty with your aspie teen. Supports like social stories ARE effective around this time of life.

Typically an aspie teen may not understand what is happening to them and CAN become withdrawn, stressed and feel isolated.

The benefit of using supports for autism and puberty like social skills stories for teenagers with autism is that the social story CAN become like a friend (a visual plan or framework) detailing to the teen with autism exactly what is happening and why as well as giving them possible outcomes and suggest behaviors

The social story will answer the “wh questions – who, what, why, where and when” as well as “HOW” and will offer the teen with autism an insight into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others which is an area of marked weakness in many autistic individuals.

To learn more about The teenage years – dealing with autistic teenagers with supports for autism and puberty like social skills stories for teenagers with autism visit:



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Building social skills in teenagers with asperger syndrome

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Probably the biggest issue that is faced by teenagers with asperger syndrome is their lack of social and communication skills.


Generally the asperger syndrome teen will want to be accepted by their peers, but a lack of social and communication skills makes this difficult, which can cause frustration for the aspie teen.


It is not lack of understanding that prohibits the aspie teen, in-fact it is believed that many teens with asperger can read social situations adequately, but do not have the skills to respond or know how to respond, leaving them frustrated and at times agitated, which can lead in some cases to depression.


Consequently, building social skills in teenagers with asperger syndrome has become a primary focus for many parents and teachers.


Like autism asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder with the triad of impairments social, communication, imagination and interaction skills being the issue.

As with autism asperger teenagers are normally visual thinkers and learners and will better understand information presented visually easier than that presented orally or in text form.


Therefore building social skills in teenagers with asperger syndrome can be best achieved visually, through asperger resources such as social skills stories.


Visual asperger resources such as social skills stories for asperger teenagers are implemented easily and can help the asperger syndrome teen understand and react in social situations much better thus reducing anxieties and frustrations. Clear and concise social skills stories are a visual framework of the social skill or behaviour which the aspie teen is struggling with and will help tp show them how to react and act and why.


A social story answers the “wh” questions (who, where, when, why and what) as well as giving an insight into the thoughts, feelings and emotions others may have, all helping to make the aspie teen more confident in and with the social situation.


To learn more about how a social story can help with building social skills in teenagers with asperger syndrome and get immediate downloads of various editable social skills stories for asperger teenagers visit: