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Handling the teenage years when you’re autistic

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Being autistic is not easy, social skills deficits and sensory processing issues can hinder your social development.


The teenage years are for the vast majority of us our most social years, but when your autistic these years can be stressful and confusing. A changing body, experiences, transitions, puberty, increased hormones and desires change us and our peers. A once acceptable habit or behaviour may be frowned upon in the teenage years.


Consequently, many teenagers with autism look for treatments and techniques that will help them understand and cope with this stressful time effectively.


Treatments for autism like social skills stories are just one of a few treatments for autism available. Social skills stories are especially good at this time. They are an excellent method for explaining changes, and addressing social and communication deficits as well as sensory processing difficulties to teenagers with autism.


A social skills story is an excellent way of Handling the teenage years when you’re autistic. The social skills story is a short descriptive framework of a skill or behaviour that the autistic person is struggling to master or cope with, for example puberty.


Puberty is stressful even when you’re not autistic, but to the teen with autism this period of their lives can be fraught with frustrations and anxieties. Social stories can show the teen with autism how to cope with the changes happening too them and around them.


A social skills story breaks the skill, situation, behaviour or change down into small pieces and with the use of first person text and images or pictures explains in a consistent manner, answering the important “wh” questions – who, where, when, why and what as well as giving an insight into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others, which helps reduce anxieties and stresses.


Research shows the use of social skills stories can make a positive difference to the life of an autistic teenager. By introducing social stories for teens with autism you can help your autistic teenager realise and deal with the changes that occur to them and around them during adolescents.


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