Information on Autism

Research and information on autism has shown almost 1 in 500 children in the United States, is autistic.


Information on autism gathered from researchers, scientists and doctors is still to tell us what causes autism and why it is on the increase.


More children with autism are being diagnosed than ever before.


Information on autism shows more boys affected by the condition than girls, almost 80% in fact.


Information on autism all suggests autistic children will have some degree of social and communication deficit.


You may well notice autistic characteristics such as:


Trouble processing information from the environment, autistic children will often find the world they live in confusing and stressful.


Other autistic characteristics you may notice include:


Lack of social skills

Unable to interact with others

The need for repetition

Un-willingness to be touched, avoids eye contact

Preferring their own company

Odd behaviors; like stimming or obsessions with objects or things.


Children with autism also show autistic characteristics in communication difficulties and many autistic children are late to develop speech, for some speech never happens.


Children with autism are often thought of as “odd” by their peers, and while they do not mean to be rude can sometimes come across as such.


Research and information on autism suggests that autistic children can be helped both with communication and social issues by the implementation and use of autism social skills stories.


Autism social skills stories are used effectively for children with autism providing the clear structure and repetition that they need to function.


Autism social skills stories are visual as well as having text, autistic children are mainly visual learners and can process information easier in picture or image format.


All autistic children will benefit from this autism resource-giving them clear precise instruction and coping strategies, helping them make sense of the world we live in.


Download pictorially rich autism social skills stories. And begin giving your autistic child clear coping strategies to help them process and make sense of their world.


Visit any of the sites listed for immediate download of  this autism resource:



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