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The most recent autism information research on what causes autism, shows that an autistic individual has several genes, which may contribute to the disorder. It is also believed several brain regions also show forms of abnormalities.


The latest autism information research into the causes of autism, also reports shows a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and sometimes other factors contribute to autism.


Suggestions into possible autism causes were that neurotransmitters in the brain may not be working normally, or even a faulty immune system could be the cause, or a virus.


Some autism information suggested the autistic individual may have been subjected to an increased level of protein in the mother’s blood during birth as being as one of the autism causes.


Or other suggestions were extreme stress in the mother whilst pregnant may be one of the causes of autism spectrum.


However as yet no reasonably complete answer to the question what causes autism has been found. Research continues into this complex disorder.


Scientists have also been exploring the possibility of genetic imprinting which could help determine the parental donor of the abnormal gene.


The autism spectrum ranges from low functioning autism where an individual  may have little or no speech, severe mental disabilities, maybe seizures, and will use stimming, like hand flapping and rocking.


To high functioning autism or aspergers syndrome, these individuals are less impaired with odd social approaches, narrowly focused interests, social impairments and communication difficulties.

Which ever end of the spectrum you autistic child is on there are common traits with autism spectrum disorder:

Social deficits

Communication deficits

Imagination deficits


All of these issues will be present in autism no matter where on the autism spectrum you child falls.


There are many autism resources available to parent, individuals, educators and guardians of autistic individuals One autism resources…which and probably in our opinion one of the easiest to implement and use are autism social skills stories.


Autism social stories are short precise instructions to the autistic person. Giving them clear guidelines on situations and circumstances they may struggle with.


For example:


Brushing their teeth, using deodorant, good eating habits, saying Hi, saying thank you and many more covering possibly all situations your autistic child finds stressful or hard to understand.

Written specially for autistic individuals, research suggests that autistic and asperger individuals gain relief, and help using autism social stories. Reports also suggest autism social stories are an excellent tool and autism resource that can be used for all situations effectively.


Autism social skills stories can be downloaded and used from



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