Social stories teaching tools

Social stories teaching tools

Social Stories are a tool for teaching social skills to kids with autism spectrum disorder. They provide an individual child with explanations about situations that he or she may find difficult or confusing due to their individual autism characteristics.

Social stories teaching tools were first developed and used in 1993 as a tool for teaching social and communication skills to individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Generally individuals with autism spectrum disorder have autistic social skills impairments in their development of social, communication, imagination and interactions skills.

These autistic social skills impairments are present in all individuals with autism spectrum disorder. However the severity of autism symptom will vary as no two individuals are ever the same.

It is understood that the importance of teaching social skills to autistic children has been identified as one of the best indicators of positive long-term outcomes in the child’s development.

Generally social stories teaching tools are used to teach and re-enforce social skills. The social skills story will help the child with autism identify the important cues in a given situation.

The social skills story will show the child with autism how another person may re-act or feel in the situation by describing another’s point of view. It will also explain rules, routines, situations, upcoming events or abstract concepts; and how the child with autism can understand expectations.

Social stories use a specifically defined style and format. They are mainly written by experts in autism and are usually visually rich. Most children with autism spectrum disorder are visual learners making visual social skills stories an ideal teaching tool.

Many parents and teachers as well as professionals use social skills stories for autistic children to teach even the most basic social skills such as tooth brushing to complex social skills like attending a wedding, a birth even explaining how to make friends, have conversations, ask questions and more.

To download social skills stories for autistic children on a variety of issues visit any of the following sites:

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