ASD intervention strategies

There are various intervention strategies for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder that affects how the individual; processes information, thinks, socially interacts, communicates and behaves.

The symptoms of autism vary between individuals, however all kids with autism will have social skills deficits: Deficits in social skills affects the child’s social interaction skills, will cause communication difficulties, and difficulties with imagination as well as sensory processing issues.

It is often noted that kids with autism live in a very literal world often referred to as “Autism Own World”.

Intervention strategies are used to help overcome social skills deficits and pave the way to positive behaviours.

Intervention strategies like social skills stories are used to help with situations and skills like: transitions, changes to routines, learning new skills, hygiene issues, communication difficulties, social interaction deficits and HELP pave the way to positive behaviours.

Autistic children tend to prefer structure and routines and dislike changes. Many children with ASD struggle to find and maintain friendships with their peers.

Understanding your autistic child is difficult, ASD intervention strategies ARE designed to HELP you teach and re-enforce social and communication skills and behaviours. ASD intervention strategies can make the difference in helping your autistic child reach his or her full potential

ASD intervention strategies help the ASD child understand the world they live in, probably them most popular strategy is social skills stories.

Social skills stories are short descriptive pieces of text normally written in first person text and from the autistic child’s own point of view.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is being diagnosed far more these days. Research into pervasive developmental disorder has suggested that using visual support tools such as autism social stories has impacted on the lives and families of those diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Research suggests the vast majority of children with autism are visual thinkers and learners meaning they think in pictures, making autism social stories the ideal intervention strategy to use.

Social stories answer the ever important “wh” questions – who, where, why, when and what as well as “HOW” and give an insight into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others which is an area of marked weakness in children with autism.

ASD intervention strategies such as autism social stories are used for all situations and activities the ASD child may be confused by or struggling with, for example: Going to the dentist, making friends, play, a new car, brushing their hair and so on.

For immediate download of autism social stories for children with ASD visit:

Or alternatively visit any of the following sites for more information and social stories.

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