Teaching daily living skills in children with autism

Research shows that children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) are visual thinkers and learners, meaning they think in pictures.

Therefore teachers and parents find that teaching daily living skills in children with autism spectrum disorder is much easier if visual supports for ASD are used.

Probable the biggest hurdle for children with autism spectrum disorder is their difficulty with social interactions, imagination and communication skills and behaviors.


These social skills deficit are often referred to as the triad of autistic impairments, which all individuals with ASD will have in varying degrees.


For the majority of children with ASD the triad of autistic impairments can make finding and making friends difficult. For a child with autism our world is confusing, we are on the whole socially orientated, so having a lack of social interaction skills can cause social mistakes and misunderstandings.


Consequently, parents of children with autism spectrum disorder, care gives and teaches use visual supports for ASD such as social stories to assist them in teaching and re-enforcing social and communication skills and behaviors.

Social stories help develop social interaction skills, imagination, language and communication in children ASD. As well as encouraging daily living skills in children with autism. Social skills stories are also used to teach social skills such as hygiene, or behaviors such as making friends, personal space, visiting the dentist and so on…


Social skills stories are also useful in and around school. Developed twenty years ago to teach social and communication skills to children with autism, social skills stories are normally written in fist person text, following a set formula using visual images to show and explain the skill or behavior being taught or re-enforced.


Almost like a comic strip, the visual step by step plan will show individuals with ASD the what, why, where, when and who helping them feel more comfortable in and with the situation , activity, event or skill they are struggling to master.

To download and learn more about social stories for ASD and how they are used for encouraging daily living skills in children with autism spectrum disorder visit: http://www.autismsocialstories.com/social_skills


For all other social stories for ASD visit:





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