Social stories for teenagers with ASD

Social stories are used effectively by parents and teachers of teenagers with ASD as an intervention strategy that teaches social, communication, interaction, imagination and self help skills and calming methods.

Generally individuals with ASD have great difficulty dealing with unforeseen situations and changes to routines, this is common in autism and aspergers syndrome individuals.


Social stories were first developed by therapist Carol Gray as away to teach those with social deficits appropriate skills and behaviours.


A social story uses specific types of sentences to teach social skills. It is always written in first person text and will normally include visual images to help the ASD teenager identify and understand the skill or behaviour being taught or re-enforced.


Social stories for teenagers with ASD are written for specific situations or events such as puberty, going out, friendships, and hygiene issues and so on.


A social story is an easy and effective way to teach teenagers with ASD.  How to deal with skills, behaviours and situations in an age appropriate manner. By describing the particular situation, skill, event or activity in detail paying particular attention to key points, giving clear concise information about what to expect in that situation and why.

They can provide the individual with ASD some idea of how others might respond in a particular situation and therefore provide a framework for appropriate behaviour.


Generally social stories are visual which is ideal; for the majority of ASD teens that tend to be visual thinkers and learners, making social stories perfect. To learn more and download social stories for ASD teens visit:


Alternatively social stories for the teenage aspie can be downloaded from


Other related social stories for ASD can be downloaded from:




 PR: wait…  I: wait…  L: wait…  LD: wait…  I: wait… wait…  Rank: wait…  Traffic: wait…  Price: wait…  C: wait…

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