Social skills goals for children with autism

Social skills deficits are one of the major issues faced by children with autism. For many parents and teachers of autistic students teaching social skills becomes a primary focus. Success in teaching social skills to children with autism can lead to an increase in positive behaviors and self-confidence in both the home and the classroom for many autistic students.


Therefore teaching and achieving social skills goals for children with autism has become essential. Many parents and teachers of autistic children use strategies such as social skills stories to help them manage and teach social and communication skills to children with autism.


An autism social story is a short descriptive story much like a comic book script that details in a step by step action plan a particular social, communication skill or behavior.


An appropriate autism social story will focus on a particular social situation or interaction. For example: A shopping trip; meeting new people; recess; school dinner; assembly even a trip to the dentist. Any of these situations can be dealt with using an autism social story. The autism social story describes the situation, skill or behavior in detail. They are used to help practice skills and behaviors, mange negative behaviors, explain changes to routines and make confusing or stressful events and situations understandable by allowing the child with autism a chance to rehearse the skill or situation in advance.


Generally children with autism will find social situations confusing this is due to social skills deficits, therefore implementing a social skills story can turn an otherwise confusing situation into a more predictable and routine event taking away the confusion and anxiety.

The goal of autism social skills stories is to make the child with autism more comfortable and less anxious in the situation. Which will cut down on stress for you, and anxiety even meltdowns and other negative behaviors that the child with autism may otherwise display when feeling stressed and confused.


For a child with autism having a step by step action plan they can read and understand that is visually rich and easy to follow can be a tremendous benefit and reduce their fears and sensitivities.


Parents and teachers of autistic students agree that social skills goals for children with autism can be achieved easier using social stories as a strategy. Skills such as tooth brushing, hygiene, asking questions and calming down can all be tackled using social stories as a strategy.


To learn more about social skills stories and how they can benefit any autistic child visit: where you can download social skills stories on a variety of issues.


Other sites that offer social skills stories packages can be found at:

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