Autism resources - social stories

Visual supports in autism are used to teach and re-enforce vital social skills to people with autism.


Visual supports in autism such as social skills stories can be implemented quickly and easily helping you to teach and re-enforce vital social skills like making and maintaining friendships.


Autism social skills stories give the autistic child accurate information about any situation that maybe struggling with, find confusing, or stressful.


The social skills story will describe in detail the situation and give focus to a few key points: these are the important social cues.


The social skills story will give KEY information about the event, and the reactions people with autism may expect to occur in the situation. Plus it will give the actions and reactions that might be expected of them, and why.


People with autism are generally visual learners and will gain more benefit from visual supports and prompts, which makes autism social stories ideal when teaching vital social skills.


Studies show people with autism respond well to autism social stories and evidence suggests a vast improvement in social skills learning capacity when social skills stories are implemented.

Implementing autism social stories has been made all the more easier with the use of the internet. Social skills stories can be sourced quickly and easily and implemented much quicker.


One such recommended autism resource can be found at :




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