Teaching toilet training to autistic toddler

Children with autism spectrum disorder find learning new skills difficult.

A normally developing toddler will learn social skills like toilet training naturally, there may be a few accidents but the skills when practiced and observed will be learnt quite simply.


On the other hand children with autism spectrum disorder do not naturally acquire social skills learning and will need to be taught this vital skill directly.


A good point to remember is that autistic children tend to be visual learners and have a desire for routines and sameness.


A routine should be established that the autistic child can understand and is easy to implement, keeping the process simple and in small easy to achieve steps.


When attempting teaching toilet training to autistic toddler, the first thoughts should be is the autistic child ready to begin toilet training, have they become aware of soiling, are they asking to be changed or showing signs of discomfort after soiling themselves. Are they becoming clean at night?


There are suggestions showing that an autistic toddler may become ready to toilet train later than that of children of the same age and that in some cases the process can take up to a year to become dry and two to become clean.

Some good pointers to remember when teaching toilet training to autistic toddler are:


Is the autistic child able to sit on the potty or toilet for at least one to two minutes comfortably without jumping off or becoming anxious and or upset?


Sometimes children with autism spectrum disorder will begin to show an interest in other people using the toilet, they may be showing signs of discomfort when they are soiled and are beginning to co-operate in the social skills learning how to use potty or toilet.


Generally it would be useful if the autistic toddler had some degree of communication skill for example do they use social skills stories, flash cards or other means of communications.


Will they recognize a picture of a toilet or potty; is the autistic toddler able to use words can they understand the word toilet or potty?

Autistic children have difficulties with social skills and communication deficits; therefore it is a good idea to maybe use autistic visual supports.

These autistic visual supports can be a picture of a toilet placed on the bathroom door for example.


You will also need to be aware that children with autism are sensitive and this could easily be an issue; the hard cold toilet seat, flushing chain, toilet paper, washing their hands all sensory issues some autistic children find difficult; social skills stories can help overcome these difficulties.


For an autistic child autistic visual supports in the form of autism social stories are very useful, they explain the need to learn this vital social skill plus the process used to go potty or use the toilet.


Focus is given to a few key points that children with autism find confusing and explain how, when, why and what; helping the autistic child feel more comfortable with the learning process.


Teaching toilet training to autistic toddler is made easier and less stressful when social skills stories and other autistic visual supports are implemented, like autism potty training social stories


Get immediate downloads of autism social skills stories to help with autism potty training social stories; as well as how to use the toilet from autism social stories.


These autism resource sites are stocked full of helpful social skills stories that are download able and easy to implement.


Autism potty training social stories can be found at:



Other suitable social skills stories and autistic visual supports can be found at:




















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