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How do Social Stories Help Children with Autism Learn Social Skills?

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder find social skills difficult and confusing this is due to their autistic deficits

What are Autistic Deficits?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder which affects how an individual processes information, thinks, acts and reacts. The characteristics of autism are deficits in social, communication and imagination skills.

Typically children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are visual thinkers and learners, which means they think in pictures, therefore Visual Supports are of more benefit.

Visual Supports like social stories are used as a means of communication and as a method of support when teaching and re-enforcing skills and behaviours that the ASD child is finding difficult.

So: How do Social Stories Help Children with Autism Learn Social Skills


The answer is YES they can. Introduced around twenty years ago social stories are now one of the major Visual Supports used in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions.

Social stories are short descriptive pieces of text which use visual images to describe a situation or skill using appropriate key points. Much like a comic script the social skills story can be easily implemented and needs no formal training to use.

Social stories are a role model or visual step by step plan of a skill or situation. Social stories should follow a set formula of sentence type: Descriptive, Directive, Perspective and control sentences in a manner the child with ASD will be able to follow easily.

Typically a social skills story will answer the “wh” questions – who, where, why, when and what as well as “HOW” and give an insight into the thoughts and feeling of others which is an area of marked weakness in most individuals with Autism.

Generally any treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder should be visual, easy to implement, and convenient for use in the home, as well as a t school and college.

A social skills story will help with transitions, changes to routines which is another area of difficulty for the vast majority of individuals with Autism, as well as learning new skills, changing behaviours, re-enforcing already learnt skills, in-fact almost all situations and skills the child with ASD is struggling with.

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Autism and finding friends

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

One of the major issues faced by parents of autistic children is whether their youngster will struggle to make and maintain friends with their own peer group.


Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder affecting the brain; the symptoms of autism are dependant on how where the child is on the autism spectrum disorder scale.


A child with low functioning autism may have educational difficulties and speech will be delayed or may never develop.


Those children with asperger syndrome or high functioning autism may be of average or above average intelligence these groups of individuals are often referred to as geeks or little professors.

As with typically developing children no two autistic children are the same therefore the symptoms of autism will vary. But all autistic children will have the typical autistic deficits associated with the disorder, which are:


Autistic deficits is social, communication both verbal and non verbal, imagination and interaction deficits.


It is these autistic deficits which can make finding and maintaining friendships difficult.


Parents of autistic children report that autism and finding friends is made easier when the autistic child has been introduced to resources such as social skills stories.


First developed almost twenty years ago to help promote and teach appropriate behaviors and life skills social skills stories are now probably one of the biggest resources used by parents of autistic children, educators and professionals to help teach social skills like for example how to make and maintain friends.

Significant improvements in social skills and behaviors are reported once social skills stories have been implemented. The internet now makes it possible for parents to source autism resources such as social skills stories quickly and easily cutting waiting times and hassles.


Written by experts in autism social skills stories are used to teach and re-enforce social skills and behaviors; using appropriate language and visually rich social skills stories describe events, situations, behaviors and skills in the first person and from the autistic child’s point of view.


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Autism social skills stories are also used to teach social, communication, imagination and interaction skills and behaviors.


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Plus other autism resources and social skills stories from any of the sites below.