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Autistic spectrum and sensory issues

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

You will probably have come across sensory integration or sensory processing disorder and autism if you have a child with autism spectrum disorder.


These conditions are normally associated with children on the spectrum because they suffer with sensory deficits. Children with autism spectrum disorder have trouble processing sensory input for example they are normally either over sensitive or under sensitive.


Generally children with autism spectrum disorder will have problems managing sensory input which will often result in over reactions which can make participation in social activities difficult, or will result in anxiety and stress for the child with autism spectrum disorder.


Children with autism can be over sensitive to light, sound, feel, touch and smell making life difficult. These sensitivities can result in the child being unable to perform certain tasks for example they may be sensitive to the taste of toothpaste or the lights in a shop, maybe the feel of the car seats and so on..

In some cases a GP may diagnose sensory processing disorder and autism. However this is not always the case most autistic children will have sensitivities, these can be controlled and eased without medication in a lot of cases by using supports such as social stories for autism.

Social stories can help children with autistic spectrum and sensory issues, for example maybe your child is over sensitive to the feel of the cold metal in their mouth at the dentist, appropriate social stories for autism and going to the dentist can help alleviate the anxiety a trip to the dentist can bring on, helping to make the experience less fraught and stressful.

Or maybe your child with autistic spectrum and sensory issues is having difficulties with flushing the chain or other sensory difficulties, using social stories for autism can benefit the child and help make them more relaxed with the situation.

To download appropriate social stories and learn more about how they can help an autistic child with sensory issues as well as teach social skills and behaviors visit: