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Teaching affective communication and autism

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Many parents of autistic children are left feeling frustrated by communication deficits displayed by their autistic child.


Communication can take different forms both verbal and non-verbal.


Generally, kids with autism will lack appropriate communication skills. Typically developing children learn communication skills through their peers, parents and environment. This natural ability to learn social skills is missing in kids with autism, which is a major cause of stress for the parents of autistic children.


Therefore teaching affective communication and autism; is achievable through the use of strategies such as visual supports for autism like social skills stories.

Social skills stories have been used as visual supports for autism since being developed by Carol Gray, with excellent results.

Used and written by experts they are used by parents of autistic children to help them find ways of teaching affective communication and autism.


The internet now makes sourcing visual supports for autism such as appropriately researched and written social skills stories for autistic children easier.


Sites offering social skills stories that will teach affective communication to kids with autism like:


This site offers social skills stories dealing with the communication issues displayed by many kids with autism, offering stories like:

How to use my words

How to take turns

How to ask questions

How to stay calm

How to have a conversation

How to borrow something

How to collect an award is assembly


This is just a very small proportion of the expertly written social skills stories available for immediate download. This particular collection has 50 social skills stories, the site itself boasts over 1000 expertly researched, tried and trusted social skills stories, which to date are in use all over the world by many parents, schools and professionals to help teach affective social skills to autistic youngsters, teens and adults.


Again the URL for this particular collection is:


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