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Using social stories in a classroom

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Autistic students have deficits in social cognition, which means they lack the ability to think about appropriate behaviors in social settings.


This is explained using the theory of mind or the ability to mind read. Typically developing children can understand and read facial expression and body language. With the autistic student this ability to read other people is missing, experts believe the autistic students deficits in social cognition are due to this theory of mind.


Teachers use something called social skills stories to help autistic students cope with their deficits in social cognition. The social skills story gives the autistic student and insight into the skill or behavior that they are struggling with.


By showing them visually much like a comic strip, a step by step visual plan giving them social cues and prompts where needed and suggesting possible behaviors, which can help alleviate stresses and confusions.


Therefore using social stories in the classroom helps the autistic student by presenting them accurate information social cues for the skill or behavior, also showing them what they may expect from others.


Teachers report using social stories in a classroom for situations like for example, shared reading, waiting your turn to speak, asking questions, turn taking, interaction lessons such as gym, as well as social stories for difficulties the autistic student may have with skills such as using the bathroom, recess and so on..


The teacher may use social stories in a classroom in various ways, sometimes teachers may use many social stories in and around the classroom and school helping the student with autism with various skills and behaviors that they may be struggling with.

For autistic students that may be non-verbal the autistic educator will want to read the story to the autistic student at the appropriate times.


Generally an autistic educator will want to use social stories in a classroom to help with deficits in social cognition helping the student with autism feel more comfortable at school and in the classroom, which will cut down on melt downs and stress.


It is believed using social stories in a classroom is beneficial and will help teach vital social skills to the student with autism making for a happier student and class.

You may download social skills stories for autistic students from:


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Other visual supports such as visual aids cards are available from: