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Treatments of autism

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong pervasive developmental disorder, which is not curable. Recent figures suggest on average 1 in every 300 children born will receive an autism diagnosis.


In most instances parents will receive their child’s autism diagnosis before the child reaches the age of three.


Social skills deficits are always present in individuals with autism. However the degree of social skills deficits will vary depending on the individual.


Generally early intervention is recommended and your G.P. will refer your child to the OT and speech therapist for further assessment.


However there are significant ways in which you can help improve your child’s social skills deficits. One of the most significant treatments of autism spectrum disorder recommended to help parents, teachers and care givers of children with autism spectrum disorder cope with, and improve the social skills deficits is social skills stories.


Research into the use of social skills stories suggests those parents, teachers and care givers that are using visual strategies for improving communication and social skills deficits such as social skills stories, report good success rates, in helping address their child’s social skills deficits, and cut down and in some cases eradicate negative and or aggressive behaviours.


Social skills stories used as visual strategies for improving communication and social skills and may benefit most autistic children. A social skills story is normally written by professionals and implemented to help the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder understand a skill or behaviour that they are struggling to master or that may be causing the stress and anxieties.


Developed twenty years ago to aid communication with autistic children the social skills story is now one of the most significant tools used to help encourage positive behaviours and teach social and communication skills. Using visual images and first person language an social skills story will describe the situation or skill from the child’s point of view.


Much like a comic script a social skills story will outline the situation or skill giving key focus to the main points and remove all the frills making the story easy to follow and understand helping answer the “wh” questions making the autistic child feel more comfortable with and in the situation or skill that they are struggling to master.


To learn more about treatments of autism that will address your autistic childs social skills deficits visit where you will find visual strategies for improving communication and social skills such as social skills stories.


Other sites containing social skills stories to address social skills deficits can be found at: