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How having autism may affect your teen

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

For the majority of us the teenage years are our most social years, we change from being a child and treated as one, into a young adult. Our expectations change, as well as the expectations put on us from those within our world.


If you are on the spectrum this time of your life can cause anxieties, stress and confusion. Imagine being dropped off the bus in a totally alien environment where no one spoke your language, what would you do? How would you cope?


Well having autism is similar, the world around you is confusing, you like routines, things to the stay the same and can become confused when met by changes or unfamiliar situations.


For example puberty, confusing for a typically developing teen, but for a teen with ASD who already has difficulties with communication and social skills this time is going to be even more stressful. If you do not know how to ask what is happening to you, your emotions and your body how are you going to even begin to make sense of puberty?


That’s where autistic tools such as social stories can help.  A social story is used as a means of communication that can help calm nerves, reduce anxieties and explain even the most confusing situation, skill or behaviour that your teen with ASD might be struggling to cope with.


For example is your autistic teen struggling with menstruation? A social story can explain the “wh” questions (what, where, when and why) in a manner your teen with autism will understand. Many parents trust autistic tools such as social stories to help them find ways of teaching social and communication skills and behaviours.


Much like a comic strip conversation a social story is a visual framework detailing visually the skill or behaviour showing the key focus points and giving possible behaviour suggestions, which will allow the autistic teen to see what is expected of them as well as what they should be expecting from others.


The social story can also help the teen with autism practise a skill, for example going out with mates bowling, cinema, a meal out, a social kiss and so on helping calm and reassure the teen with autism. Making a confusing or stressful situation more routine, which in turn will hep the autistic teen feel more comfortable, reducing anxiety and stress.


Consequently, knowing how having autism may affect your teen you are now able to help and take more control by providing support in the form of social skills stories for autistic teens, these can be downloaded from


Or alternatively social skills stories for autistic teens can be downloaded from


By visiting any of these sites you can also find more information on what social skills stories are and how they are implemented to help with teenage issues for teenagers on the spectrum.

Other social skills stories are found at




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