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Social Stories for Autistic Children

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Due to social skills deficits children with autism need special INTERVENTION STRATEGIES to learn social skills. Social Stories for Autistic Children and visual support cards are two effective autism teaching aids that can be used.


Children with autism have difficulties with social and communication skills this is known as the triad of autistic impairments or social skills deficits.


Having social skills deficits will affect how autistic children view themselves and those people around them. Typically autistic children tend to be involved in their own world and not interested in interacting with people around them.


It is because of the triad of autistic impairments and issues such as sensory processing issues which mean children with an ASD  require Intervention Strategies and autism teaching aids to help them function and cope.


Probably the most popular autism teaching aids are social stories for autistic children and visual support cards, both of which are excellent Intervention Strategies, ARE easy to implement and need no formal training to use.


Social Stories are short descriptive stories like a comic strip which use pictures or images to teach children with an ASD social, communication and imagination skills, and help overcome social skills deficits.


Social stories use visual images to describe a social situation in terms of the relevant social cues in a manner a child with autism can better understand. The images and first person text will show the child with autism verbal and non verbal cues.


A good social skills story will act as a visual plan or role model for the child with autism to follow. Social stories can be used for various situations and skills effectively such as: asking questions, being fair, calming down, eating new foods, making friends and so on. Social stories are also used in schools to help children with autism understand and cope with school, for example recess, assembly, P.E and so on.


A social skills story breaks the skill into smaller easier to understand sections and answers the ever important “wh” questions – who, where, why, when and what as well as “HOW” and gives an insight into the thoughts and feelings of others which is a known weakness in autism.


To learn more about social stories for autistic children and get downloads of appropriate social stories visit:


To learn more about other autism teaching aids such as visual support cards visit:


Other sites with autism teaching aids are:

Using visual supports in autism teaching

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Children with autism spectrum disorder are generally visual learners often referred to as “visual thinkers”.


Teachers report better success rates using visual supports in autism teaching; especially if an activity is transferred from verbal to visual.


Using visual supports in autism teaching allows communication to occur on a verbal and nonverbal level. The idea is that using visual supports helps nonverbal students learn expressively as well as receptively.


Autistic students benefit from having access to visual supports such as social stories and PECS throughout their day.


Autism visual supports can help remind autistic students how to perform tasks such as assembly by showing them visually where they should be or what they should be doing.


By giving autistic students social stories you are helping them by providing them social, behavior and communication cues. 


Children with autism spectrum disorder can focus on the visual images and text in social stories which can help reduce anxieties surrounding tasks, events and occasions the autistic child may struggle with.


Children with autism spectrum disorder display difficulties with speech and language, which can make even the simplest on instruction difficult at times.


Because of these problems in understanding, some autistic children may become anxious and confused by certain times in the school day or by certain lessons.


For example recess, assembly, art lessons and P.E. This is where social stories for autistic students can benefit the child by providing visual supports in autism teaching the autistic student how to cope with whatever is troubling or confusing them.


To download various social stories for autistic students as well as other social stories for everyday activities such as tooth brushing, showering even how to visit grandparents, go shopping or out to eat can be downloaded from sites such as: