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Encouraging positive behaviour using social stories

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Social stories can be used as a tool for encouraging positive behaviours in children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder).


Using social stories as a strategy does not need any formal training, parents, care givers, teachers, teacher’s assistants and so on can use social stories effectively as a means of encouraging positive behaviours as well as helping to improve social and communication skills.


Research suggests that social stories are a major proactive behaviour intervention that provides a positive approach in encouraging appropriate social behaviours.


A social story is a short story written in first person language from the ASD individual’s point of view.


We know that children with ASD tend to be visual thinkers and learners. Consequently, the social story was designed to encompass this. Developed twenty years ago as a means of communication, the social story has now evolved into a major intervention strategy in autism.


Studies show encouraging positive behaviour using social stories has proven very effective and their use has grown dramatically over the last twenty years.


Research also suggests that social stories have been proven to reduce inappropriate behaviours, for example tantrums, inappropriate vocalizations, as well as reduce social isolation.


Encouraging positive behaviour using social stories is also beneficial in helping children with ASD understand and learn skills such as sharing, making friends, taking turn, respecting personal space and so on.


Social stories are beneficial for all individuals with autism spectrum disorder, and are available from sites such as:


Social stories are user friendly, easy to implement and require no formal training to use. Using visual images and accurate no frill text a social story is much like a visual framework of the skill or behaviour that the ASD individual’s struggling to master, understand, cope with or that needs encouraging.


Social stories are available over the internet, written by experts that can be downloaded, printed and edited to suit all children with autism spectrum disorder.


Visit sites such as: