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Visual supports used for autism

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Visual supports can be used to help children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), visual support tools for autism should be adaptable, portable and easy to implement for most situations.


For the majority of us visual prompts are an everyday part of our lives, for example we read newspapers, the internet, T.V. guide, a recipe, road signs, maps and shopping lists. Our visual prompts provide us with information and knowledge, without visual prompts we would not function as well.


We know from experience and extensive research that most autistic individuals are visual learners and thinkers.

Therefore presenting information in a visual manner will help us to teach and encourage the skills and behaviours those children with ASD struggle with like: communication difficulties, social interactions, imaginative play, making friends and so on.

By learning appropriate social and communication skills YOU can help your autistic child reach his/her full potential, promote independence, build confidence and raise self-esteem.


Consequently, many parents, care givers and teacher think visual supports used for autism in the home, classroom and college such as social skills stories help promote and teach those vital everyday and less common social and communication skills we as typically developing beings learn naturally.


Visual supports used for autism such as social skills stories present information visually through images and short pieces of appropriate text, almost like a comic script. A social story is used a s a role model or visual plan of the skill, situation, behaviour or communication difficulties and will help guide and explain the autistic child what he/she can expect.

The social story answers the “wh” questions (who, where, why, when and what) as well as giving an insight into the thoughts and emotions of others. Social skills stories are implemented easily and need no formal training to use, learn more about social skills stories by visiting


Where you will gain immediate access to 100 social skills stories as well as find support.


Other sites that offer social skills stories can be visited at: