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Autism social stories making a friend

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Autism spectrum disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder, which is characterized by a complex set of autism symptoms. Probably the most significant of these autism symptoms is how an individual develops socially.


Typically developing children learn social skills naturally, they are able to make and maintain friendships easily this ability is missing in autistic children.


The social skills needed to make friends for kids with autism are not developed naturally. They lack the ability to read facial expression or body language and seldom want to engage in activities out of their own world or comfort zone they are seldom inquisitive and will want to stick to routines and structure.


Typically developing children naturally learn play skills like for example pretend play, but for kids with autism this concept is odd, they live in a very literal world and prefer sameness and routine.


Children with autism spectrum disorder prefer their own company and may find skills such as starting conversation difficult, or sharing, taking turns and listening.


Those children however with asperger syndrome can sometimes display the desire to be social and will want to develop friendships, this should be encouraged and helped with resources such as social skills stories for making a friend.


Typically developing children may not always be patient and can sometimes lack understanding about what autism is and how it may affect their peer or sibling. There are resources that help siblings of autistic children discover what autism is and how they can interact with their autistic sibling affectively.


Many resources such as social stories can be used for this purpose and reports suggest that autistic siblings can find great relief when social stories are implemented to help develop play skills.

An expertly written social skills story can be beneficial to the child with autism it can help them understand how their typically developing peers and siblings might be thinking and feeling.


Having autism and making new friends is not going to be easy the child with autism will need support this can be through the use of resources such as autism social stories for making a friend. Generally autism social skills stories are written by experts in the autism.

The internet makes sourcing autism social stories friends easy for autistic siblings and parents of autistic children as well as teachers.


Autism social skills stories can explain to children with autism spectrum disorder, how to make friends, how to treat your friends and maintain good friendships, with both children being equal.


Having autism and making friends need not be an uphill struggle when appropriate social stories for making a friend are implemented. Parents of autistic children and teachers use the internet to find social skills stories for kids with autism that help with issues such as autism and making friends, as well as taking turns, sharing, being a good sport, being a good listener, pretend play, riding a bike and other stories related to making and maintaining a good friendship.

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