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Address healthy hygiene habits in teens with autism

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Scores of parents of teens with autism worry that they will not “fit in”. This concern is heightened by the autistic teenager’s difficulties in mastering hygiene abilities and routines, particularly hygiene difficulties surrounding puberty, such as autistic girls and menstruation.
Hygiene abilities are essential life abilities but for lots of autistic teenagers developing healthy hygiene habits can be difficult . As a result direct teaching of healthy hygiene habits in autism is important.
For a lot of parents of young adults with autism puberty can be very stressful, parents look for ways to clarify puberty and educate healthy hygiene habits and routines in autism. Parents turn increasingly towards autistic supports like as social skills stories, designed to assist them to deal with this challenging period in their child’s life.

Social abilities stories were originally developed as a means of communication, but soon grew in popularity and use. At present social abilities stories are used more extensively to teach social, imagination and communication abilities and behaviours as well as a method of communication.

Using appropriate language and visual images, social stories are used as autistic supports for individuals with an ASD and similar conditions. The social story offers the teen with autism with a role model of precisely how to master the situation or skill.

The social story answers the “wh” questions ~ who, where, why, what and when as well as giving an insight into the thoughts, emotions and thoughts of others. Focusing on the foremost key questions and cutting out all the frills, individuals with an ASD respond well to autistic supports such as social stories, which relieve anxieties and make the teen with autism more at ease with and in the situation.

Consequently many parents of teens with autism make use of social skills stories to instruct healthy hygiene habits and routines in autism.

Parents of autistic teens put into practice social skills stories to help with autistic hygiene issues such as:

? autism and going to the bathroom
? puberty and autistic girls
? autistic teenage hygiene ~ using deodorant
? autistic girls and menstruation
? taking a shower
? taking a bath

As well as addressing healthy hygiene habits in teenagers with autism, social stories also help to teach many autistic hygiene issues, all significant to a healthy life style.

To download social abilities stories for dealing with healthy hygiene habits in teenagers with autism as well as addressing healthy hygiene issues in autistic teens you can visit:

From this website you can instantly  download 20 social skills stories for healthy hygiene issues in autistic teens and children.

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